How to create inclusion strategies that deliver for everyone.

Globally recognised diversity darling Troy Roderick shares his insights into the D&I journey for Telstra and for himself.


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On the eve of departing the Global Head of D&I role at Telstra, Troy Roderick shared what worked and what didn't, with us at The Diversity Collective.

  • What are we striving for: What is diversity, what is inclusion and how do we get people to embrace those.  
  • Start with a big vision: Troy reveals the most effective D&I anchor, to ensure the engagement of the business and individuals within it. 
  • External connections: The initiatives in the public domain that are important to both customer and community.
  • Talent supply: How Telastra attracts a diverse supply of the worlds best talent, to be able to deliver on big goals (attractign women, indigenous, etc).
  • The employee experience: Crafting a flexible and inclusive employee experience so that employees choose to bring all of themselves to work, for a long period of time.

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Important: This video was recorded at The Diversity Collective in Sydney in 2017. The feedback from Troy's session was STELLAR, including: 

" Amazing"

"Incredibly impressive, excellent presentation style"

"Brought real experience on Diversity within a large corporate environment"

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