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How to brand yourself for leadership heights in the Age of Inclusion 

This event is an empowerment session for the boys.

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We've identified 5 ways the Age of Inclusion is holding you back from the leadership career you deserve (and 9 Ways you can impact these issues immediately) 

  • Perception of bias against men, created by quotas, targets and media.

  • The PR engine. That growing push from boards, customers, even suppliers, to have diverse and inclusive leadership? It's far from slowing down and makes the journey of the white male more difficult. 

  • Management trends of dictation and control. These skills are vital in some circumstances, but their use needs to be managed effectively

  • Self-doubt. Whether you're a MAWM (Middle Aged White Male) or you will be one day, the media's attention on White Male Privledge can lead you to doubt the true extent of your abililities. 

  • Frustration. You see the productivity benefits and the social benefits of inclusion, but it seems to be coming at a personal cost. Frustration can lead to aggression or simply to giving up.

If you're experiencing any of these problems in your leadership journey, then this FREE 1 hour intensive training is for you. Register to secure your access now. 

Important: While Cath speaks from stage regularly and Coaches 1:1 on Leadership and Inclusion, this 'for the boys' webinar has never been offered in this format before. After the webinar, you will still be able to access the training for $297... or you can register now, lock in the diary time and attend live for free. 

What will we be covering?

the skills you need

This is the inclusion expertise you must be able to demonstrate. 

We address the key skills and how you aquire them: - Advocate for others without selling yourself out - How to encourage uniqueness - Navigating the line between collaboration and productivity - Living your own values 

coaching fundamentals

Coaching is the most effective way to drive inclusion - leading team members in a way that enhances their brilliance and promotes engagement and productivity.

It also builds emotional intelligence.

Learn techniques you can apply with your team and with theirs.


You may or may not need a language adjustment. 

Fierce competition is out, but productivity is always in. 

You'll learn how to adjust your message so you convey your brilliance in a way that appeals, not repels.

Your facilitator, Cath Nolan

Cath is a leadership coach helping men and women to ensure that the messages they convey are on-target. 

Regularly sharing the stage with leaders of industry to discuss Leadership and Inclusion, Cath's focus is what impact individuals can have on shaping the perceptions about themselves. 

Her career in individual and organisational development spans 18 years, 4 continents, 400+ businesses, many globally recognised brands, and over 10,000 individual careers assisted. 

Is your career ready for a leadership leap?