Hear International Women's Day insights from Best-Selling Author, Coach, Inclusive Leadership Specialist & CEO, Catherine Nolan

Where is the Gender Gap now?

Go behind the data: learn what you can do personally to even things up in your team, your home and your career.


These are some of the questions you might be grappling with:

  • How do you speak up against minor inequality transgressions without it becoming a career-hindering label that you carry?
  • The post-COVID19 world has been great for flexibility but that comes with a price. Can we eliminate or even delegate that price?
  • Is it possible to feel your true worth, even on days when you've not had a win for a while, your resume is not ready to go and it's a metaphorical bad hair day?
  • How do you negotiate progression when you'd like to take more time from work, to invest in health or family?
  • What practical steps can you take to promote greater gender balance?

Best Practice from an Inclusive Leadership Specialist

Catherine Nolan is the CEO of Big Goals Group Pty Ltd, the Founder of Gender Gap Gone, and creator of the Don't be ARS'D™ Movement.

Two-time best-selling author, Catherine is a Leadership Coach and international Motivational Speaker, known as a specialist in inclusive, courageous leadership. APSC Accredited, she's supported leaders and aspiring leaders from state and federal government departments along with ASX Top 10, Fortune Top 50 and many other loved and globally recognised brands.

Being seen is a game-changer, but courage needs encouragement. Catherine brings science, stories and strategies to propel individual journeys. One action step at a time.


By the end of this IWD Workshop with Catherine you will have:

  • A deeper awareness of the state of play for women in the workforce, post COVID19
  • A strategy for moving your own career forward
  • Appreciation for your own brilliance, applying The Did Great Habit and other tools for lifting your veil of self-bias
  • A toolkit for evaluating when it's time to say no. Not every opportunity is the right one. Learn the 'yes if' approach.
  • Understanding of how your personal career progress efforts are essential for shifting other women forward too.
  • Finally, we'll close on actions you can take to propel other women's careers.

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