Eliminate Self-doubt and
5x Your Career Options

How to Leverage the Skills You Already Have To Eliminate Self Doubt and Achieve the Career Success you Want.


We’ve Identified 7 Reasons Why Self Doubt is Holding you back from the Income You Deserve (and 11 Simple Ways You Can Fix These Issues Immediately)

  • Reaching for the wrong things: It's uncommon to ever feel satisfied when you've been chasing the wrong dreams.  
  • There's just so much to do: The sheer pace and volume of expectations make it hard to fight off overwhelm... that leads to either procrastination or frantically trying to do more! 
  • Imposter syndrome: Even with past success, how do you shake the feeling that you're not at the same level of those you respect?  
  • No way I can be THAT good again: Did you know that past success can actually work against your future success? 
  • Giving off an average bear vibe: Stop giving off the impression that you're not up to the task. 
  • Lack of self- awareness: Do you have a clear idea of what's working (and what's not) in your career decisions and habits?
  • Your brain's most important function- keeping you safe, is really holding you back: We're hard-wired to not get hurt, so how do you override it, when it's not serving you?

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Hey, I'm Catherine.

I've coached well over 7000 individuals to take the next step in their career.  I've worked with some really cool brands and leading public servants, both at home in Sydney Australia, and across the globe. I’ve spoken with thousands of leaders – big names, minor celebrities and relatively unknowns, about what drives us to greatness and how we overcome.

I'm a 2-time best-selling author on courageous career secrets (that's still sinking in!) and people tell me that many of my strategies have been instant game-changers for them. I hope these strategies serve you well too.

Catherine Nolan
CEO Big Goals Group Pty Ltd
Founder Gender Gap Done & the Don't be ARSD™ Movement